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Imagine a platform that provides automation
to every aspect of a software portfolio lifecycle: 

Satisfy audit requirements. 

Intellisys enables organizations to

Ensure compliance with legislative and business policies.

Consolidate application portfolio through rationalization by identifying obsolete, duplicate, and subset rules. 

Facilitate the identification of modern platforms (COTS) that will be most suitable for implementation of each legacy application. 

Generate technical and business specifications for enhancements and rebuild in modern technologies. 

Implement your applications in a modern platform or rebuild them

Proven methodology for extracting business rules enables you to export your applications into commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products or to rebuild for native cloud deployment. 

When an application is unable to adapt to technology advances or new business requirements, it becomes a candidate for modernization. Modernization can be achieved via an implementation in modern COTS products, a re-write in modern technologies or by using automation to migrate to modern languages.

To ensure success when transporting an application to a COTS product or re-writing it, you must be assured that no required functionality of that application is going to be lost in the move. This means garnering knowledge of all the business rules that are being executed in the application being considered for modernization. However, business rules extraction (BRE) is fraught with many challenges - primarily lack of current documentation and secondarily the complex nature of legacy code.

The Intellisys platform documents the current embedded business logic and data structures of an application by extracting it’s meta-data. Thereafter, the same platform provides the consolidation features required to mine business rules from the extracted logic and structures.  

Automated consolidation of business logic in preparation for rules extraction

Intellisys provides automation to perform “generally accepted” consolidation of code blocks. This includes:


Deactivation of reported and verified dead code.

Deactivation of code blocks that are specific for the source environment only.

Renaming of cryptic variables and constants for clearer understanding and better readability of the final set of rules.

Bringing together disjointed code.

The resulting code serves as the foundation on which the advanced rules extraction features of Intellisys can be applied.


Advanced business rules extraction features

Intellisys provides essential features, which may be applied to the automatically consolidated business logic to:

Identify areas of the code that are likely to contain business rules.

Consolidate the logic further into rules and processes at a granular level, but without the “dead weight” of unwanted statements.

Export finalized rules in multiple formats for consumption by modern-day programmers and COTS products – business rule engines, business process management (BPM) tools and business rule management systems (BRMS).

Assimilate individual rules through multiple levels of cataloging to define specific functionality or rule types.

Annotate rules in plain English to facilitate understanding by both technical and management personnel.

What are business rules?

What defines a business rule exactly and why can they be difficult to keep track of? We will use this article to answer that question. 


Leading Healthcare Insurer

Documentation and extraction of business rules from over 1.5 million lines of code empowered a leading healthcare insurer to make informed decisions for its application modernization strategy.  

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